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College Pasta Salad Kits - Each Serves 6 - 8 Hungry Fans!

As a kid, you were often told not to play with your food. Good thing they didnít say anything about eating playful food. Are you hungry for some school spirit? Eat your heart out with these college pasta salad kits. Honor your favorite team with this tailgating must-have on game day. Serve it with meatballs and sauce, or opt to put it into a traditional pasta salad. For a creative twist, eat your competition by putting their logo on your menu. Hate the opposing team? Chomp on them in the form of delicious pasta. You can get University Logo Shaped Pasta so your guests can taste the paws of a Clemson Tiger, the Seminole head of the Florida State mascot, the capital 'G' of the University of Georgia Bulldogs or the iconic emblem of many other major universities. The 14-ounce package serves six to eight guests and includes Gameday vinaigrette and unique recipes on the package. The pasta is made from whole durum wheat along with water, egg whites, sugar, salt poppy seeds and garlic powder. It's perfect for pasta salad, macaroni salad or hot pasta dishes in sauce.

College pasta is a creative way to spice up your next event. Whether youíre hanging out with former classmates or want to share your love of a college sports team at your next birthday party, this collection is the creative touch that your menu needs. Guests will be dazzled when they see the care that youíve put into planning your event, which will most definitely be highlighted by the sports-themed food.
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